Submissions are invited for publication in three categories:

(i) original contributions on academic topics relating to the archaeology, history, language, literature, and philosophy of the ancient world and its modern reception;

(ii) original contributions on practices of teaching any topic that relates to the ancient world (e.g., a paper delivered at CLTA conferences) and of performing Classics on stage and in other art forms;

(iii) reviews of books, exhibitions, and performances that relate explicitly or implicitly to the ancient world and its modern reception.

Acceptance for publications depends on the approval of referee(s). Everyone should feel encouraged to submit a contribution, because, granted the approval of referee(s), the Editorial Board will be more than happy to assist authors in preparing their manuscripts for actual publication, should additional assistance be desirable.

Classicum also invites authors to submit manuscripts they might want to publish in another form elsewhere later (e.g., a master’s thesis that may also be the beginning of a doctorate); this should encourage honours undergraduate students and postgraduate students to submit, too.

Style Guide for Classicum

All submissions, as well as questions, should be sent to Anne Rogerson (

   Classics New South Wales