Classical Languages Teachers Association


The Classical Languages Teachers Association Inc. is a nationwide, professional organisation of teachers of Classical Languages, which aims to keep teachers informed about, and generally to foster, the teaching of Latin and Classical Greek. It disseminates relevant information through its on-line newsletter CVLTA and the journal Classicum of which it is co-sponsor. It conducts a wide range of activities for the professional development of teachers and fostering the skills and enthusiasm of students.


Australian Professional Teachers Association
Awards for Meritorious Contribution to the Profession

Congratulations to the CLTA Immediate Past President, Doctor Emily Matters, for being one of just four teachers from around the nation to receive this prestigious award from the Federal Minister for Education. Emily’s work in 2012 included her CLTA Presidency, the organisation of the highly successful Conference and the production of the stunning Latin musical Cupid and Psyche.

Click here to see some photographs of the event.


Raeburn Award 2012

The winner of the Award for 2012 is Carine Jenkins, the Musical Director of Cupid and Psyche.
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